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EMG Activity

21 December 2016

New Anti-graft Law to substantially change the PR Industry in Korea

by June Kim, Overseas PR Project Manager of  Communications Korea 

Since the birth of modern journalism in South Korea journalists have been held in high esteem in Korean society, laced with special favours. Consequently, building close personal relationships with the media has been a fundamental cornerstone to success in the PR industry of Korea. The Korean PR industry however, is now facing some challenging and groundbreaking changes.

12 December 2016

On the Trade Show trail

EMG’s key strength is the development of messaging and content. Using our industry knowledge, integrated communications expertise, and international reach, we have been able to help hundreds of industrial clients to tell their stories and engage with their audiences in a compelling way.

1 December 2016

Our own story in our own voices

During the past 25 years, the EMG team has handled thousands of projects for hundreds of industrial clients around the world. We have come a long way.