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30 March 2011

Impresions Medtech Europe 2011

Medtec Europe in Stuttgart (22-24 March) was busier than last year: 13,500 visitors and 1003 exhibitors met each other on 16,000 square metres. All up compared to last year.

14 March 2011

Building business in China

EMG China has officially launched Skyscraper Network - our global public relations and marketing service for the building industry. The network now covers Europe, North America and China.

3 March 2011

Smartphones now widely used to access online news

The majority of respondents to the Eurocom Worldwide Technology Survey now access online news using computers, phones and tablets, such as iPads.

3 March 2011

Rational, moi?

Classical economists think of the average consumer as an inherently rational being who weighs up all the options in a calculating manner and then comes to a well thought-out decision. Turns out that we may be not as rational as we think.