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29 June 2015

Constant change is the new normal

Not so very long ago, the idiom of when America sneezes the rest of the world catches cold was often used. That has not completely changed of course, but these days the world looks eastward keeping a close, sometimes nervous eye, on how China's slowing economy is performing, wary of the implications this has for the world economy. Because now, when China sneezes maybe we all catch a cold?

15 June 2015

Creating employee relationships - balancing head and heart

Stories about company employees interacting with customers in a personal way make me stop and take notice. Did you read the one about the Amazon rep who had a Norse mythology themed chat with a customer? Great stuff.

12 June 2015

PressReleaseFinder in Spanish, Portuguese and... on your phone

A lot has happened since we offered you a sneak preview of PressReleaseFinder’s new look and feel. The latest feature is the new Spanish and Portuguese user interface.