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EMG Activity

12 June 2017

Managing transition through timely and consistent M&A communications

Merger and acquisition (M&A) activity creates a challenging period for all parties concerned. In addition to the confidential, multifaceted, behind-the-scenes processes for each organisation, it’s important to communicate with all stakeholders involved using clear, consistent content. A well-considered and well-timed approach can help to moderate the uncertainty that comes with change.

15 June 2015

Creating employee relationships - balancing head and heart

Stories about company employees interacting with customers in a personal way make me stop and take notice. Did you read the one about the Amazon rep who had a Norse mythology themed chat with a customer? Great stuff.

29 May 2015

Communication Fundamentals: On track or time to get back to basics?

I'm a communications junkie.  LinkedIn Updates and eNewsletters feed my craving and my inbox is full - 10 rules of content marketing, essential skills for social media success, blogging nightmares to avoid, creating contagious content, thought leadership to drive business goals, storytelling that sticks and the list goes on.

27 October 2014

Are you ready for (internal) blogging?

Think about blogs as the combined digital version of the traditional printed employee magazine and the impromptu chat around the water cooler. A big benefit is the interaction with the writer and the bonus is the conversation with other readers - available immediately versus waiting to send or read 'letters to the editors' in the next magazine.

29 September 2014

Is your cascade strategy setting up managers for success?

Tools to help managers cascade and share key messages to their teams and throughout an organization vary by individual preference. What works for some, is cumbersome for others. There is seldom a “one size fits all” solution, but at the very least, it should be simple and efficient.

1 September 2014

Employees don't need more information, they need to understand what it means for them

Many smart organizations are realizing the strength from within when it comes to communications - that strength is their managers. Managers can be a source of information, but more importantly they need to facilitate understanding.

18 August 2014

5 things to help clearly define your strategy so your employees get it

Engaged employees increase productivity, contribute to better customer satisfaction and improve a company’s bottom line.

11 August 2014

Internal Communications Benefit Your Bottom Line

Stop and think about internal communications. More and more it's being recognised as the secret sauce in a company's recipe for profitability.