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6 October 2014

Trend watching The EMG Way™

When it comes to running a successful business, most companies have no need for soothsayers and crystal balls. What they do need, however, is a clear view of current and future trends – because this may well influence management decisions today and drive success tomorrow.

Far from being a headline grabbing business ("The House of the Future"; "Tomorrow's World"), industrial trend watching is a combination of research and information gathering, and provides a comprehensive overview of up-to-date market information, competitive intelligence and industry insight.

Over the past years, EMG has supported clients in various industries with monthly, weekly or even daily reports through the EMG Industry News Service. More recently, we have started to supply our clients with Trend Reports – on an annual basis or more frequently.

Paulien Boumans explains: "As a B2B consultancy, we are active in a number of key industries, such as plastics, automation & control, packaging, and energy. By applying a mix of industry expertise, research, monitoring and analysis we have been able to deliver comprehensive reports on industry trends on a local, regional or global basis."

EMG Trend Reports may not have the magic of the fortune teller – but they certainly help you see the future more clearly.


Topics Industry Trends - Posted by John Gallagher