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31 May 2016

Join EMG's Euro 2016 Football Contest

Do you love football as much as we do? Or do you enjoy the opportunity to watch your favourite team beat the odds – and the others?

Here is a way to become a European Champion in your own right – without ever kicking a ball. In fact, you won’t even have to be in the Stade de France on July 10th.

All you have to do is score points in EMG's Euro 2016 Football Challenge – which we believe is more exciting than the actual competition! :-)

As in 2014 and 2012, we are kicking off a bit of competitive fun and we would love it if you joined us. There is a prize for the best predictor – as well as a great deal of honour.

It's easy, it’s free – and football expertise is not essential.

For more information – and to join the competition go to euro2016.football-contest.com.


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