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9 June 2016

Plastics and the circular economy

The 6th Plasticity Forum is coming to London on September 21st coinciding with the London Design Festival. Drawing on the circular economy theme the event gathers thought leaders, brand owners, materials suppliers, recyclers, product designers, innovators, policy influencers, decision makers and investors to share key learnings, and their experiences and strategies around the use and recovery of plastic. The aim is to develop profitable, sustainable solutions while minimising plastics’ environmental footprint.

Doug Woodring, Founder of Plasticity Forum comments: “The aim of the Plasticity Forum is to harness innovation & collaboration to create a world where plastic is used, but without the waste footprint. It’s about finding real, material solutions for plastic recovery and re-use. Plastic recycling is tough to do, because of the different types and the light weight. Only about 10% of all plastic made globally actually gets recycled so this is a massive opportunity. As we begin to think about how to drive a circular economy, this unique forum brings together experts from across sectors to share what they are doing, to discuss how they can work together in more efficient ways, and create opportunities for all parties involved.”

The London event follows the 5th Plasticity Forum which was held in Shanghai on April 27th with more than 20 expert presenters providing a diversity of insights, data, innovations, opinions and inspiration about how better to reduce plastics waste and leverage this valuable material to help drive the circular economy.

For more information visit www.plasticityforum.com


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