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18 July 2016

And we have a winner

In such a (sports) news packed summer, it's hard to believe that the final of the European Championship Football was just over a week ago.

Today we congratulated Anneke Wakkee with winning the EMG football contest, with a lead of 23 points. Kevin Noels came in second and in third place it's Kathrin Fuss, who will both receive their prizes in the days to come.

We want to thank everyone who participated and hope you will join us again in 2018 for the world championship.


 Here's a look at our final leaderboard: 

1. Anneke Wakkee 293
2. Kevin Noels 270
3. Kathrin Fuss 263
4. Jamie Dowswell 262
5. Marco Gabriels 253
6. Kim Lommaert 252
7. Servé Tonino 241
8. Marianne Schouwenaars 238
9. Paulien Boumans 237
10. Inka Finne 234



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