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10 February 2011

Industry News: We're still reading print

According to the 2011 Eurocom Worldwide Technology Survey, 70% of executives in technology businesses read print journals at least once a month, and nearly half (48%) read print journals at least once a week.

The survey shows that the most widely used source of technology industry news is online media cited by three quarters (76%) of respondents. The next most widely used sources are industry print journals (42%) and national newspapers (38%).

These findings show that there continues to be an appetite for specialist media, not only online but also in print format. While many print media may be experiencing competitive pressure from online news sources, whether magazines or newspapers, they still appear able to attract the readers.

The 2011 annual Technology Survey was conducted by Eurocom Worldwide, the global PR network, in association with its member agencies around the world. EMG is a founding member of Eurocom Worldwide.


Topics Media Monitoring, Media Relations