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15 July 2010

High scoring effort

During June and July, the world turned to South Africa and the World Cup Football Championships. As EMG has many clients and contacts throughout the world, we invited everyone to take part in our EMG football pool.

Many EMG clients, media contacts, staff and friends joined in with our celebration of multi-cultural sport and global achievement. And quickly it became evident that not everyone was supporting the same team(s)! Using the power of prediction - allowing for some random results is never easy - entrants were required to forecast the results of individual games at each stage of the World Cup competition.

And the final outcome was so close that we needed to use a tie-break based on goals scored to separate the winner and the runners-up.

The overall winner was Biju Pillai, Deputy Editor of Chemical Weekly in Mumbai, India, who received an Apple iPad. In second place, beaten only on the goals tie-breaker, was Michael Koch. Business Unit Director DSM Engineering Plastics Europe, who won an Apple iPod Touch. Gerd Hesse, Leiber Group GmbH & Co. KG, came third and won Apple iPod Nano.