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17 November 2011

Marking 20 years of effective business communication

EMG was established in 1991 - twenty years ago. At that time, many industrial companies were actively coordinating their pan-European communications activities - and were looking for an agency that could operate in a multi-lingual and multi-cultural environment. EMG was established to be that agency. Since those early days, EMG has come a long way.

Today we support clients all over the world and help set their communications agenda. Some of our first projects were to promote clients who had just obtained ISO 9001 certification - often a first in their specific industry. And while ISO 9001 is no longer hot news - there are still plenty of topics, products and solutions to discuss. For example, in the chemnical industry REACH today is one of those topics. We can ask ourselves are regulartory affairs a threat or opportunity? And how do we communicate about this?


Topics International - Posted by Brigitta de Vries