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31 May 2013

Putting the horse in front of the cart for K 2013

There are a few things in this world that just have to be done in the right order if you want to guarantee the outcome. Planting the seeds in the ground before you can harvest the crop. Putting the horse in front of the cart to pull it, not at the back to follow it, will get you where you want to go.

It’s the same with the K show. Trying to get your company noticed at the K without having done the advance preparation will no doubt end up in disappointment. Imagine how many companies are out there trying to get the attention of the trade press. With 3000 companies exhibiting, editors will be overrun with invitations to hear and view what will be on show at the K or what is newsworthy. So, how do they decide who to see, and what to feature in their valuable pre-K issues?

EMG has a tried and tested answer. An efficient, and by the way more sustainable approach, that can increase awareness and coverage prior to the show as well as vastly improve relationships with the press during and after the show.

How? Get senior editorial staff from the key trade journals and media to attend a multi-client press briefing. One destination for around 25 editors representing the key publications from around the world with the opportunity to view, discuss and network with typically 10-15 of our client companies.

The outcome? EMG’s clients have never failed to get the attention of the media and have secured editorial space in the all-important key pre-K issues of the trade journals. Follow-up interviews and key announcements at the K have led to banner headlines – simply because the editors were well informed ahead of time and could plan for what was to come. 


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