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30 July 2013

Trade media and the digital (r)evolution - Getting your message across

As an agency specializing in B2B industrial media communications, EMG is often asked by our clients to provide guidance on how best to allocate their budgets across different media types. We are asked to deliver advice concerning online vs offline, paper vs digital, business/ trade media vs social media, earned vs paid media, to name but a few.

While we need to consider each case on its own merit, we always try to provide facts in a neutral manner, to ensure that communications managers - or managers controlling the budgets - will be able to share the information with their individual organisations and leadership, before making key decisions. We believe that in the B2B arena, most decisions are still made on the basis of solid information from trusted sources and not on online “likes”. However, we do acknowledge that the information landscape has become more complex, with various new media gaining a respectable reputation and traditional trade information publishers turning paper magazines into digital platforms.

As part of our research we talked with Andy Beevers, Head of Business Publishing at Applied Market Information (AMI). He told us: “We are seeing strong global demand for the iPad/iPhone and Android apps for our plastics industry magazines, with more than 18,600 downloads in just over a year. It’s my view that virtually every magazine will be available via tablets within the next five years, in the same way that almost all music releases are now available via iTunes and Amazon’s MP3 Music Store. Whether publishers continue with print versions alongside their electronic editions will depend on demand and economics.”

The new means of information exchange impacts media and marketing communication. EMG is continuously researching the most effective channels to deliver your messages.


Topics Digital, Media Monitoring, Media Relations, Social Media - Posted by Willem van de Velde