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21 August 2013

Social Media Monitoring

The use of social media has grown enormously; making the best use of these new media platforms will allow your business to be a leader and help keep you ahead of the competition. There are many tracking tools available to help monitor their effectiveness however, it takes real insight to filter out the relevant information to provide true market intelligence.

EMG’s social media monitoring and reporting service enables you to gather knowledge from social media sources such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and analyze its relevancy to your marketing goals. The output can then be used to create strategic and focussed communication activities.

The EMG approach

Listen & Learn is at the heart of an effective digital marketing campaign. It starts with identifying what is being said where, when, and by whom.

The EMG Online Community Monitor is a tool that can be tailored to create a digital profile to meet your needs. Research from a range of media platforms is used to identify search words related to specific markets and target audiences. This is followed by social media scanning to map potential relevant internet platforms and web 2.0/social media outlets. The resulting social media opportunities are analysed based on a set of four key criteria to determine the company-specific relevancy: topic relevancy, interaction, activity level and reach. Each individual source is reviewed by combining these factors rather than focusing on one individual measurement, as with many other automated tracking tools.

Anouk Luykx, Account Manager at EMG, has witnessed the benefits of online monitoring: “Our customers turned to us to provide a tool that will track social media platforms about their company, products and services, and measure the effect of media relations activities in the digital and social world. It is an excellent tool to identify active bloggers and twitterers who are interested in your company and to determine the social importance of upcoming and past events. It will help to reveal trending topics in a given industry or sector, and will create a better understanding of the type of stories that raise a company’s profile and contribute to the creation of a digital communication program to strengthen reputation, promote products and build new relationships.”


Topics Digital Marketing, Social Media - Posted by Servé Tonino