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14 October 2013

What's the story

Love them or loathe them, trade shows are an essential part of the promotional mix – and most companies carefully select the events where they are most likely to meet new and existing customers. Your trade show attendance can only be successful if you manage to get your key messages across – to (potential) customers and any visiting editors.

Of course, you know your company’s key messages and you have a few good examples at hand to illustrate your points. But ask yourself this: “Does the stand duty team actually know what those key messages are – and are they able to get them across in a concise and compelling way?”

In other words, do they have a story to tell? And can they get it across convincingly? If the answer is no, or even maybe, it is time to act.

Practice makes perfect 
Not everyone is a natural storyteller. So when you are preparing for a trade show, or in fact any event, it is important that everyone knows the company’s key messages – and can repeat them – preferably in a personalised way, so as to make the message really come alive. Ideally, everyone should be able to give some corporate highlights, before focusing on more application or industry specific topics, all of which can be rehearsed well in advance.

Because practice makes perfect, EMG has been running many preshow meetings, workshops and rehearsal sessions for clients who want to make an impact when it matters. From identifying key messages to on-camera training for spokespersons, time invested before the show has paid back handsomely, both in terms of the quality of the discussions with (potential) clients and editors, and the increased share of voice in subsequent media coverage. So next time, before you take part in a trade show, make sure everyone gets the message.


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