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7 November 2013

Comprehensive, easy to use, accessible...

bringing customers to Songwon’s website

When Songwon moved from a domestic player in Korea to the #2 manufacturer of polymer stabilizers in the world, they enlisted the support of Marketing Solutions, a member of the EMG Global Group. Together they refreshed Songwon’s branding and corporate communications strategy and undertook an ambitious website redesign.

One year into the journey, we caught up with Maurizio Butti, Songwon’s Chief Operating Officer and Kevin Noels, account manager Marketing Solutions.

What was the goal of Songwon’s new website?
M. Butti: The new website needed to reflect our consolidated market approach and more importantly it needed to be an extension of Songwon’s commitment to provide customers with excellent service around the globe.

Because we operate globally in a complex and technical industry, we wanted the site to be a global information centre to provide existing and potential customers ready access to company information, which was easily understood, in a user friendly format.

What did we do to achieve this?
K. Noels: Working in close partnership with Songwon we focused on making the site comprehensive to the different user groups by providing financial statements, product selection tools and key chemical data including regulatory information in an easily accessible way. The result, well, it’s like a giant online library – currently there are 3100 PDF documents available for downloading. Relevant product, service and technical information is available along with business-oriented content like investor information, job postings and news releases.

The improved site structure and accessibility has boosted rankings in major search engines and we use Google Analytics to track website traffic and user behaviour statistics to further improve the site on a regular basis. The site is optimized for several platforms, including tablets and smartphones, and is now available in several languages including Korean, Chinese, Japanese as well as English.

An interesting special feature we integrated into the site is the registration system. It allows Songwon to analyze the information requirements of customers and propose an upgraded registration level to provide more tailored information. It’s like a web-based customer service program and fits with Songwon’s focus on providing its customers with the right service at the right time in the right place.

What has the visitor response been, do you have some results you can share?
M. Butti: We are really pleased with the results. We draw about 8500 unique visitors a month. And based on feedback from registered users, the site is fast and efficient in helping them find what they need. Our statistics show registered users are coming back frequently, the site has active global use, which was an important goal for us, and we have frequent downloads with product information being most popular.

To have such a comprehensive website means a lot of reading, in an age when people seem to want their information in 140 characters or less?
M. Butti: For us that is not the case. Our industry is complex and technical, so our customers need detailed information that is globally aligned, easy and fast to find, and up to date. Marketing Solutions not only helped us to design and build the site, but their industry knowledge combined with content management expertise is critical in our strategy to provide outstanding service to our customers.

One year in, what would you say was Songwon’s biggest learning point?
M. Butti: Be sure your organization understands the objective of their site. This may sound painfully obvious, but if you don’t have this understanding across your organization, you can spend many wasted hours focusing on items that your customers just don’t need. Be sure to design for the user. And don’t underestimate the time it takes to maintain your website. Marketing Solutions’ expertise here has been outstanding.

Any final thoughts Kevin?
K. Noels: Yes, as an agency, understanding design and usability is important, but equally so is understanding the business of our customers. With 22 years of experience specialized in industrial communications, we can advise on providing the right information for their customers and prospects.

Important questions to ask when hiring a web developer

  • Where can I find current examples of your work?
  • Can you provide references?
  • What is your favourite website and why?
  • What content technologies do you use to build and maintain websites?
  • What tools and techniques will you use to optimize my website?
  • What special features can you integrate?
  • What is your approach to security issues?
  • How easy is it to translate and localize your websites?
  • Who will own the website?




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