Communication Vision - July 2014

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Brand Journalism: the way forward?

How many press releases are issued each day, each year? No one does the maths, but it runs easily into thousands per day, hundreds of thousands per month, and millions per year. Why? Because everyone thinks they have a story to tell, and believes their story is not only worth telling, but that people want to read it. This is simply not true.

 John Gallagher 

John Gallagher
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Eurocom Conference Predicting Growth

Eurocom Worldwide, the global PR network, confidently predicted growth for its international business in 2014. This was confirmed at the network’s 13th annual conference held on January 31st in Stockholm, Sweden. Since the conference, the global PR network has been active on many communications fronts. One recent highlight is a first-of-its-kind study that takes an in-depth look into the Arab knowledge economy.

Industry 4.0 - Simply a trend or the new standard?

Recently Nancy van Heesewijk attended the Belden Industrial Ethernet Infrastructure Design Seminar. This event, which took place in Prague, brought together leading experts who provided insight into the latest Industrial Ethernet developments.

All hands on deck for a global company launch

Archroma, the former textile, paper and emulsions businesses of Clariant, was acquired in 2013 by SK Capital.