Communication Vision May 2018

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Fast charging is our future

Supporting and leading the PR and marketing activities of Tritium as their network of fast-charging infrastructure expands across Europe.

Following the successful conclusion of a comprehensive evaluation period, EMG has been named Tritium’s European PR consultancy. Our remit includes supporting and strengthening the company’s international marketing and PR strategy. See Tritium’s press release for the full announcement.

The evaluation process involved three members of Tritium’s top team independently evaluating each potential agency before comparing their recommendations. The selection of EMG was unanimous.

The EMG team was praised for its ability to go beyond expectations during the evaluation process and deliver creative and exciting ideas that will have an impact when they are implemented in the coming months. Tritium was also impressed with our enthusiasm for their products and our knowledge of the markets in which they operate.

We welcome the opportunity to use our expertise and experience to support and strengthen Tritium’s continuing expansion in Europe.


Topics Industry Trends - Posted by Josina van der Velden