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Servé Tonino

Servé Tonino is a former senior trade publishing editor from the plastics industry. The combination of his editorial background and technical knowledge translate into the creation of online solutions for our clients that support overall marketing communications efforts. Servé leads our online practice, providing specialist technical input and guidance across EMG's client portfolio and project managing specific client assignments. Servé is Dutch, and is fluent in English.

Tel +31 164 317 016

Recent Posts

19 March 2018

Committing to CommsTech

The chances are that if you’re a marketing director and reading this story, you’re taking a quick break from a CRM implementation meeting! Almost half of the people we spoke with during our customer survey mentioned their company was striving for closer alignment of marketing and sales to drive more value and rolling out either a CRM or an ERP system.

23 November 2017

Flying start for stress-free exhibitor meetings

Fan or not, meetings are a fundamental part of modern business culture. On average 11 million are held EACH DAY in the US  alone! Certainly in the B2B world, relationship building wouldn’t be the same without them. 

22 September 2017

BLUF as a reply to TL;DR

To get to the point: you better keep it short and entertaining if you want to engage people. If your first paragraph goes on about ‘world leading’ or sets the stage for a lengthy essay, then you may want to reconsider the BLUF principle: Bottom Line Up Front.

18 May 2017

300,000 and counting

Last month we reached the milestone of 300,000 media articles monitored. Our numbering dates back from the year 2000, when we still used scissors and glue to capture our client’s media activity. It took us over nine years to reach the first milestone of 100,000 and another seven years to triple that.

12 October 2016

Media monitoring and reporting The EMG Way

To provide clients with a comprehensive overview of press coverage and, if required, insight into competitive and other relevant information, EMG has developed a proprietary media monitoring and reporting service.

18 July 2016

And we have a winner

In such a (sports) news packed summer, it's hard to believe that the final of the European Championship Football was just over a week ago. Today we congratulated Anneke Wakkee with winning our contest.

31 May 2016

Join EMG's Euro 2016 Football Contest

Do you love football as much as we do? Or do you enjoy the opportunity to watch your favourite team beat the odds – and the others?

3 October 2015

The EMG Family enjoying themselves

The (ever growing) EMG Family gathered in the woods near Tilburg for an exciting adventure.

7 September 2015


Which do you prefer – to type text yourself or use copy/paste? When time is scarce most editors and other social media users probably prefer to copy/paste - especially if the headline is more than a few words and typos are easily made (think smartphones and tablets).

12 June 2015

PressReleaseFinder in Spanish, Portuguese and... on your phone

A lot has happened since we offered you a sneak preview of PressReleaseFinder’s new look and feel. The latest feature is the new Spanish and Portuguese user interface.

16 April 2015

Dark Thinking about Dark Social

A few weeks ago I read an article about Dark Social. To some the buzz word for 2015 – or at least at the time of publishing. 

28 February 2015

Sneak preview of the new PressReleaseFinder

Later this month a completely revamped PressReleaseFinder - featuring a new look user interface and added functionality- will be launched to the general public.   But we want to offer you the opportunity to have a sneak preview before the hordes come storming in. 

26 January 2015

Real news - or just puff?

If you want to promote your business online, you need a good story.  Why? Because copy pushed out by companies (and PR agencies) is often produced in the mistaken belief that everyone wants to read their corporate message. At EMG we believe that good content is king – and that, when it comes to industrial communications, storytelling is a vital skill.

5 January 2015

Have a Photogenic 2015

From everyone at EMG: have a Photogenic 2015... (click through to access the animated version)

30 July 2014

Anouk Luykx: proud winner of the 2014 EMG football content

While the German world champions were allowed to hold the FIFA world cup for just a few minutes, Anouk Luykx can caress her prize for quite a bit longer. 

14 July 2014

Recovering from World Cup Mania

What began one month ago on 12 June has been a long, climactic journey, full of fun banter with friends and unpredictable outcomes, culminating on Sunday in the final match between Germany and Argentina. 

6 May 2014

Predict the World Cup 2014 winners and losers

As with previous tournaments, EMG is organising a competition to predict who will win the World Cup Football. Join the fun and register today.

28 November 2013

Lots of fun at annual Sinterklaas celebration

Sinterklaas, not to be mistaken for Santa Claus, has paid EMG a visit and left some nice gifts. However, to win a gift some tough challenges had to be faced.

17 October 2013

Media interviews at K 2013

It takes quite some preparation to make the most out of your trade show attendance. For one, the EMG team has been reaching out to editors for weeks to arrange stand visits and one-to-one interviews.

16 October 2013

Day 1 at K 2013

The plastics world has gathered once again in Düsseldorf. From 10 in the morning the halls are flooding with visitors, with the occiasonal stand builder still rushing to fix a display or couriers bringing the latest parts.

21 August 2013

Social Media Monitoring

The use of social media has grown enormously; making the best use of these new media platforms will allow your business to be a leader and help keep you ahead of the competition.

10 July 2013

Pre-K 2013 Video

Video impressions from EMG's Pre-K Multi-Client Press Event.

6 June 2013

Pre-K 2013 - Day 2

The first day of this year’s Pre-K flew by! One highlight was the discussion at dinner between editors and industry leaders.

5 June 2013

Pre-K 2013

All signs are positive as the first day of Pre-K is underway with four companies presenting to 27 editors. 

25 January 2013

A customer centric approach

When Dutch TV station RTL asked us to highlight some of our services, we invited some of our clients to talk about communication and what matters to them. Play the video to see the result.

6 July 2012

Scoring big-time with EMG

While others have started moving their attention to the upcoming Olympics a small iPad Ceremony took place in the EMG office in Bergen op Zoom.

1 September 2010

Social Media: Threat or Opportunity?

Are you wondering what the online community is saying about you?

20 August 2010

Trade press use of social media

Today, social media are dominating discussions about communication and internet developments. What started as bulletin boards and people creating their own personal websites has now turned into a global communications phenomenon - with Facebook overtaking Google as the number 1 site in America.