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Paulien Boumans

Paulien Boumans has over ten years senior experience in B2B marketing communications. Her extensive client-side expertise enables Paulien to seamlessly implement large complex international programmes for key accounts. She specialises in blending media relations and marcoms to maximise impact on an international level and her client engagements include assignments in Europe, Middle East, Asia Pacific and the US. Paulien is Dutch and is fluent in German and English.

Tel +31 164 317 015

Recent Posts

9 July 2018

Communicator Summit 2018

They came from all over Europe. 14 communication professionals joined the EMG team at the end of June for EMG's 3rd annual Communicator Summit. This year's theme was “The Connected Customer”. 

13 October 2016

Guardian Automotive defines key messages and makes an impact at Automechanika Frankfurt

Newly established Guardian Automotive wanted to create awareness of the company’s high quality products and value added services. To do so effectively, the company needed to define and embed its positioning and make a significant impact during Automechanika, the world’s leading trade fair for the automotive aftermarket. 

20 January 2016

Pre-K is 5!

EMG is celebrating -  2016 will mark the fifth anniversary of our Pre-K Multi-Client Press Conference, an event that has successfully established itself as a regular in the “K year” calendars of leading Tier 1 plastics and chemicals industry editors.

7 January 2016

Keeping the message ball rolling

Raising the profile of new client Cytec Industrial Materials (part of the Solvay Group) among the German and Pan-European Automotive and Materials market.

22 October 2015

Content Marketing buzz or basic business need?

Content marketing is one of the current buzz phrases in marketing and communications. But is it all that new? Not really, content has always been central to successful marketing programmes. So what has changed? Not the content but the medium, the way we connect to people.

15 June 2015

Creating employee relationships - balancing head and heart

Stories about company employees interacting with customers in a personal way make me stop and take notice. Did you read the one about the Amazon rep who had a Norse mythology themed chat with a customer? Great stuff.

18 May 2015

K 2016: Plan your high visibility campaign now

Demand for exhibition space is extremely lively, and all 19 halls of Düsseldorf's fairgrounds will once again be fully occupied.  All in all, around 3.000 exhibitors are expected in Düsseldorf between 19 and 26 October 2016. If you want to take part in the greatest Plastics show on the planet, make sure your application is in before the deadline of May 31, 2015.

18 November 2014

Body Language 101: Are your non-verbal cues supporting what you say?

It is day two of a five day trade show, and you are tired. Without realizing, you lean against the counter, arms crossed and lost in thought about the next steps following a productive customer meeting earlier in the day. Meanwhile, someone – it could be a customer, a potential customer, or even a colleague you have not met before - approaches your stand but judges by your position and the look on your face that you do not want to welcome any visitors.

27 October 2014

Are you ready for (internal) blogging?

Think about blogs as the combined digital version of the traditional printed employee magazine and the impromptu chat around the water cooler. A big benefit is the interaction with the writer and the bonus is the conversation with other readers - available immediately versus waiting to send or read 'letters to the editors' in the next magazine.

29 September 2014

Is your cascade strategy setting up managers for success?

Tools to help managers cascade and share key messages to their teams and throughout an organization vary by individual preference. What works for some, is cumbersome for others. There is seldom a “one size fits all” solution, but at the very least, it should be simple and efficient.

1 September 2014

Employees don't need more information, they need to understand what it means for them

Many smart organizations are realizing the strength from within when it comes to communications - that strength is their managers. Managers can be a source of information, but more importantly they need to facilitate understanding.

18 August 2014

5 things to help clearly define your strategy so your employees get it

Engaged employees increase productivity, contribute to better customer satisfaction and improve a company’s bottom line.

11 August 2014

Internal Communications Benefit Your Bottom Line

Stop and think about internal communications. More and more it's being recognised as the secret sauce in a company's recipe for profitability.

21 July 2014

Create and capture value

Join our seminar 'Turn Business Challenges into New Revenue Opportunities' on October 15th at Fakuma 2014

2 June 2014

Eurocom Conference Predicting Growth

Eurocom Worldwide, the global PR network, confidently predicted growth for its international business in 2014. This was confirmed at the network’s 13th annual conference held on January 31st in Stockholm, Sweden. Since the conference, the global PR network has been active on many communications fronts. One recent highlight is a first-of-its-kind study that takes an in-depth look into the Arab knowledge economy.

9 January 2014

A look back at 2013 and key highlights from EMG

EMG wishes you a happy and prosperous 2014!

We are looking forward to another exciting and successful year in industrial communications.

22 July 2013

Making the most of your K 2013 investment

Are you ready for the K-show? EMG's Client Service Director Paulien Boumans discusses the best approach for your marketing communications plan for this year's K.

31 May 2013

Putting the horse in front of the cart for K 2013

With 3000 companies exhibiting, editors will be overrun with invitations to hear and view what will be on show at the K or what is newsworthy.

11 April 2011

Media Relations at European Coatings Show 2011

At the European Coatings Show 2011 887 exhibitors from 45 countries presented their products and services on a record net display area of over 30,000 square metres.

30 March 2011

Impresions Medtech Europe 2011

Medtec Europe in Stuttgart (22-24 March) was busier than last year: 13,500 visitors and 1003 exhibitors met each other on 16,000 square metres. All up compared to last year.

1 October 2010

Best Ever.

Although the K-show is now imminent, as early as May this year 26 editors representing 36 European, U.S. and Asian plastics publications attended our Pre-K 2010 Multi Client Press event.

21 September 2010


On 1 September, Milliken opened the digital doors to its K 2010 stand via a K-blog. Regular updates before and during the show allow Milliken to communicate actively about its many additive innovations to be presented at K 2010.

5 September 2010

Make an impact at K 2010

If you are planning to take part in K 2010, you will no doubt be looking to maximise your investment. Positive media coverage will inform prospective visitors that you will be exhibiting and - more importantly - why they should be visiting you.